Statement Wooden Necklace

Statement Wooden Necklace


Statement Wooden Necklace, Sterling Silver Walnut Wood Necklace, Silver Linked Necklace,

Statement Pendant - Walnut Wood Hand Carved

This Necklace is heavily influenced by Natural, Seasonal and Organic forms, ie Autumn.
The English countryside shows throughout my work with the Silver Link Components resembling Leaf shapes and the Wooden components resembling the Bark of Trees. The Walnut wood shows the grain of the wood as the tree bark would do. Each Component is hand cut using a Jewellers Piercing saw.
This Necklace is Handmade from my Studio based in Staffordshire, England, where my surrounding Countryside plays a huge part of my designing process.
This design comes with Sterling Silver Trace Chain, that is used as links between the components. The Necklace is fastened with a Sterling Silver Round Trigger clasp, that is very complimentary to the piece. Overall Necklace Length with clasp 45.62cm or 50.8cm or 18" or 20 inches.

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